Swag on puppy, swag on!

After having our four-legged friend for a few months, we’ve realized that he is a pretty easy going dog (at least with us he is), and will let us do just about anything to him. This makes dress up FUN! 🙂

Our inspirations for this week’s dress up were…. drum roll please!!!!!
Yep, all of these celebrities…
what exactly do they all have in common?
If you are having trouble guessing, here is another hint.
Complete with a fierce model stance, and those “Are you looking at me?? eyebrows
I love that Hunter doesn’t care if we put clothes on him. This means there will be plenty of future posts with not only hats on head, but complete outfits! Swag on puppy, swag on! Well, okay… so maybe this blog was just an excuse to put a David Beckham photo on my blog. You’re welcome 🙂 

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