Puppy blog #12: 新年快樂!

woof woof! Hunter here! It’s Lunar NYE today! I honestly don’t know what the big deal is.. but what I DO know is that I will get tons of lai-sees (lucky red envelops) to bring me luck for the new year. 🙂 I’m pretty sure my parents will want me to use that money (assuming that I’ll actually get some!) and save it… but I have other plans! I’m going to use it to buy a new flippy flopper frisbee since my papa is too cheap to buy me a new one! Anywoofs.. the humans at my papa’s house are having this huge feast to celebrate. Mommy came over and used the opportunity to torture me. Nothing new! HMPH! Anywoofs, 新年快樂!(That means Happy New Year!) I wish all my fellow canines and grandparents good health, good fortune and happy eatings! I wish for my parents to be prosperous this year so that they can afford to buy me more treats and toys. Enjoy! 
I don’t want the same fate as this poor fellow right here.. but I sure will enjoy devouring him. YUM! 
I just wanted to nap.. but mommy came along
And put this stupid hat on me.. 
Look MA! no hands!!
Hunter out! 

Puppy blog #11: Knick Knack Patty Whack

give a dog a bone! woof woof! Hunter here. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ve been trying to get my weight up lately so instead of talking to you people about my life, I’ve been busy running around the house, begging people for food. I learned that my puppy eyes usually work on the unsuspecting OLD people. woofhoo for grandparents. Anywoofs, over the weekend, my parents were super duper busy. Mommy probably felt guilty about leaving me all the time, so she convinced papa to buy me new treats when they were out (Plus I got a new Frisbee too!) 🙂 Guess what kind of treats they bought home for me?! GUESS GUESS GUESS!!!! 
Woofhoo! my own REAL bone! No more rawhide fake stuff with no taste.
This one was part of a cow’s rib!
Nom Nom Nom
It was a lot harder than a rawhide so I had to gnaw on it a lot longer
Can a dog eat his bone in peace?!
Of course, being that my mommy is a very responsible person, she kept a super duper close eye on me, aka, she wouldn’t give me my personal space! SHEESH lady! But I understand… it’s just because she wanted to make sure that I wasn’t trying to swallow the entire thing and took small bites. Apparently real bones can KILL me! Okay.. time to take a nap. Deuces my canines. Hunter out. 

Puppy Blog #10: Turtle Adventures

woof woof. Hunter here. I am feeling a lot better now! My parents were really worried about me because I wasn’t myself when I had the runs.. but they fixed me. They starved me for a day, and force fed me Pepto Bismol. I made it really hard for my mommy and got the pink neon goo EVERYWHERE. Then Papa fed me canned pumpkin last night to clear up my digestive system, which by the way is DELISH!! So BAM! Now I’m back with a vengeance! Just kidding 🙂

Anywoofs, while I usually enjoy snow days, and would much rather be running around outside, I did not today. My humans have neglected me all day, and opted for this thing called “work” instead. By the way, I found out later that mommy didn’t even have work! She played in queens with some baby called Isaac! So to keep myself busy, I took mommy’s TMNT toys and played with them. (Thanks Uncle Matt – all the way from HK!) I let them surf around me all day. Then I took a nap! woof!

Ready to fight evil with my TMNT friends

See this? This is my “Don’t mess with me or else Raph and I will come hunt you down in your sleep and mess you up,” look. Better recognize!

Surfing up and down my legs before we had a pizza party! 
Back to being neglected. Hunter out!