Puppy blog #5: That’s MISTER Bossman to you.

woof woof! Hunter here. If you humans haven’t gotten the message yet.. there’s a new sheriff in town! woof. I booted my humans out the door and I’m taking this blog over, though I’ll occasionally let mommy write if she’s good to me. Besides, both of my humans are busy with work. Most of the time I’m just wandering around the house, full with thoughts… so why not share them with the world!? And to be really honest, mommy’s blogs were lame-o. She kept putting weird things on my head! Where was the creativity lady? Enter ME. woof. So get ready to read my blogs and learn about the ruff life of being a dog. Here is what a regular work day looks like: 
Thinking of what to do with this blog required my thinking glasses!
(They didn’t actually help me think.. I just think I look smarter in them)
I needed lots and lots of coffee. 
(That’s my serious/don’t mess with my thoughts face)
All done! I think I’ve outdone myself with the redesign of this blog. What do you think?
This is unrelated, but I took a challenge from my mommy’s auntie Mimi! 
I have good impulse control too!
Until next time my fellow canines and humans. woof! Hunter OUT. 

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