Puppy blog #7: Rainy days are the best days

woof woof! The title is self-explanatory, no? I woof that my parents don’t mind standing in the rain, snow, or sleet so that they can give me my daily exercise. Compared to other canines, I’m pretty spoiled. I say this because I get 2 one hour walks each day! Sometimes when I’m lucky, my Auntie Tiffany or Uncle Delton will take me out for an afternoon stroll.. though they haven’t since old man winter has shown up. Anywoof.. even though today was grey outside.. I got a kick out of slipping and sliding all over the muddy park. Enjoy! 🙂
I’m practicing how to imprint my paw so that I’ll be ready for my own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame one day

That’s me! And that’s my favorite red ball. 

But playing in the mud only meant one thing… BATH TIME
I’m getting much better at bath time! Today, I only needed ONE treat to hop into the tub. For the most part, I was still and let my humans get all the icky mud off of me. I have to make sure I’m clean.. just in case I see Ivy tonight. 😉
Now I’m so fresh and so clean, clean!

After playing all morning, I’m exhausted. It’s time for me to nap with my parents. Hunter out.

P.S– Vote for me! I’m still on the Cute or Not page on Buzzfeed! http://www.buzzfeed.com/cuteornot 


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