Puppy Blog #7: Busted

woof woof! Hunter here. I got in trouble today. Well, I actually get in trouble every day.. but today was a big boo-boo. Today, while mommy was watching TV.. I followed my grandpa downstairs to where he was cooking. Grandpa is always so kind and generous.. and did I mention that he’s PRO-HUMAN food for canines! He kept feeding me meat. Pork, by the way is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. So, naturally I stayed by his side. I’m sure that any dog in my position would’ve done the same.  But I messed up big time and got caught when my mommy clicked for me and I didn’t go back upstairs. She eventually came downstairs and saw me licking my mouth. Grandpa tried to cover for me and told her that I didn’t eat anything.. (did I mention that he’s pro-human food for canines?) but before I could run up the stairs.. mommy opened my mouth and sniffed. woof-uh.. BUSTED. Now I’m in the doghouse. She made me walk around the house with my sign and told me that if I were to eat human food against her wishes again, she’ll make me wear the sign at the dog park so that my friends would see! YIKES! How empawrrassing! I hope Ivy isn’t reading this.

I’m so sad 😦
At least Ginger was nice enough to accompany me during my time out. I owe him big time! I’ll repay by not gnawing on him tonight before bed. 
Dear Mommy,
If you’re reading. I’m sorry. I promise I’ll try not to eat human food from grandpa again. I understand that vet visits are expensive and that you and papa are too cheap to pay for any surgery in the event that I may need my stomach to be pumped. I woof you. ❤ Hunter
Hunter out. 
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