Puppy Blog #8: Getting my Edumacation on!

woof woof. Hunter here! Because my mommy and papa spend most of the day working.. I am left to roam around the house as I please. I usually sleep but today I decided to look over some of the stuff on mommy’s shelves. At mommy’s house.. her room is filled with psychology books so I took the liberty of getting my edumacation on! Of course, the lingo in the books were completely jibberish to me.. but it’s the effort that counted! 🙂 I spent an entire 5 minutes trying to read one of her books.. but eventually I gave up, and decided to play tag with Ginger (aka, gnawing on his leg). I think that I’d much rather read a pawchology book (haha, get it?). Anywoof.. mommy took the opportunity to take pictures of me during my study session. Enjoy!

I’m actually on Petco buying treats and new toys for myself.. (papa forgot to log out the other night after he bought my food.. what a sucker)
Now I’m watching my hero.. Air Bud on Netflix
By the way.. Grandpa tried to get me in trouble again today! He kept tempting me with pork bone during dinner. Mommy said NO, and that was the end of it! But he kept trying every time she looked away. He even hid one around the house somewhere. As a result, mommy and Auntie Connie has been on guard all night! I haven’t been out of their sight since dinner! Le sigh* My name is Hunter Ng.. my prison id tag is #0921
Hunter out! 

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