Puppy Blog #9: Happy to see the doctor? Don’t VET on it!

woof woof. Hunter here. So yesterday my humans took me to the park in the morning. They spent longer than usual playing with me. I overheard them saying something about needing to get me extra tired but I thought nothing of it.. until we showed up at the vet an hour later! What trickery! I didn’t know where my parents took me until we were at the front door. I tried to pull papa away but it was too late. Fool me once, shame on you.. fool me twice.. shame on me! Dang it! As I waited with my humans in the doctor’s office.. I heard another dog in the next room dying! Okay, not dying, but he was screaming and crying. Who knows what they were doing to him. That wasn’t helpful so then I began to cry (Yes, big boys DO cry!) Anywoof.. long story short, they tortured me. They gave me 2 shots, an oral shot and then drew blood from leg. Because I’m big and scary, they needed to put a muzzle on me. And just when I thought it was over, mommy brought up my ingrown nail to Dr. Z which prompted him to clip it! Not to brag and all, but Dr. Z also told my parents that I had a supermodel body! Move over, Gisele!

Well.. I think I’m going to learn from past mistakes so that I can avoid going to the vet in the future. As usual mommy took pictures. Rather than console her crying baby, she took pictures.. I now know where her priorities are.

Fun and games at the park.. 

Then I ended up HERE! 
(NOT happy)
I tried to be brave and put on a smile
Until I heard the dog next door crying..
Then they put the muzzle on me and held me down. 😦
(She was really nice! She gave me human food!.. and kisses as I was getting my shots)

Mommy thought that a treat would mean that I’d forgive them..
She was right! woof!

Hunter out! 

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