Puppy Blog #17: Not the Vet Again!

woof woof! Hunter here. I think it’s safe to say that all humans with clippers are EVIL! I knew something was strange as of last night when my papa “forgot” to feed me dinner.. but like any loyal companion would do, I thought nothing of it. We went about our morning routine.. la la la..then BAM! I ended up in front of the vet’s office! Papa and Aunt Tiffany then proceeded to LEAVE me there.. alone! To make matters worse… I have severe separation anxiety. I’m so mad ..*growl* I mean.. my humans betrayed me! Where’s the us in trust bro? When I woke up, my back paw was wrapped up.. which only meant one thing! They did something to it! But after a long conversation with mommy, I now know why. The doc clipped it at the base so that my ingrown nail (yup, the same one my mommy tried to clip herself) would grow correctly. Now I have to wear this plastic thing over my paw when I walk outside to prevent it from getting wet and dirty. On top of that, the doc has got me popping pills (antibiotics). Ugh.. I’m starting to hate the word “vet” with a passion!  Anywoofs, on the flip side, papa got me a new bag of bones, Aunt Connie got me new toys, and mommy took off tomorrow to spend the entire day with me. 
I’m not amused by your human antics. Go away
I demand for my tummy to be rubbed!
Buying my love with new toys? FINE! I’ll take them! 
The antibiotics are making me sleepy.. so deuces! Hunter out. 

The Story Of His Life!

During my stay in Washington, D.C, my friends and I wandered into a bookstore/restaurant. (by the way, Hunter obviously isn’t the one blogging right now!) I stumbled upon a pretty cool book. And as I flipped through the book, I found confessions that totally applied to Hunter! Actually.. to be honest, I felt like every single page in this book applied to my pup! I was literally standing there in the middle of the bookstore reading an autobiography of my own dog’s life. Anyways, I’d like to share some pages I thoroughly enjoyed: 
This was the book: 
Tiny Confessions – Christopher Rozzi
I’m ecstatic.. can’t you tell?
Do you want some Ginger? I can share! 
Hey, look at me! I’m awkward!
The NBA should draft me!
Until next time! 

Puppy blog #16: It’s PAWsident weekend!

woof woof! Hunter here! Over the long weekend, my papa planned a last minute two-day hiking trip! (It wasn’t a continuous hike for two days.. because let’s be honest, my mommy wouldn’t survive) This was my first overnight trip and boy, oh boy was it fun! Being that I’m a dog.. there wasn’t a lot for me to pack in my suitcase, however, I did beg for my parents to bring my best friend Ginger along. Let the fun begin!  

DAY #1

On our first day of adventure, we went to our favorite hiking trail, the Kitchewan Preserve. This trail is the BESTEST because in the summertime, we like to go off course, and walk next to a reservoir where my parents let me loose and splash around in the cool waters. I also get to meet a lot of other dogs on this trail. Here are some pictures from our first day:
Ginger and I riding in the backseat.
So dad… what snacks did you bring for me?
I spy with my little beady eyes.. Ginger hitchhiking a ride in papa’s bag 
If this was a runway, I’d destroy many hearts

Ginger wasn’t exactly a good jockey.. he needs to work on that
 As with many buds on road trips.. we got into a minor argument which resulted in me throwing him off my back and gnawing on him for a bit
Oh hi mommy ❤ Gimme my treat
After a 3 1/2 hour stroll through the woods.. we were pooped! LIGHTS OUT PLEASE! 
(p.s – I got to sleep on the bed that night.. so comfortable)

 DAY #2

After a long restful night, our next adventure was at the Rockefeller State Park Preserve. I woke up super excited for many reasons. 
1. I HAD A FRIGGIN WINDOW TO LOOK OUT OF! This was a luxury because back in Brooklyn, the only thing I stare at is the ceiling of my papa’s room. 
2. Another full day of adventures with my parents.
3. Which meant.. NON-STOP ATTENTION from BOTH of my parents. 🙂 
Anywoofs, while today’s hike was much shorter in duration compared to yesterday’s hike.. I was just as pooped! Most of the trails were covered in snow, and we found ourselves constantly sinking into pockets of soft snow. It was such a workout, we were huffing and puffing throughout our hike. Here are some pictures from day numero dos:
Watching the snow covered lawn and trees 
Crying during my reunion with Ginger after we had accidentally forgotten him under the covers in our hotel room. Papa had to run back and save him
Trekking up a moderate hill my butt!
Mommy.. will you STOP taking photos and walk a little faster?
Running through an endless blanket of snow
Behind me is actually a lake, but it’s covered with.. guess what? MORE SNOW!
Lunch break with papa and his bummed knee..
Old people.. tell me about it! Sheesh!
Jedi mind training on the ride home
That’s all folks! Hunter out!