Puppy blog #20 – Balancing Act

woof woof, Hunter here! Hello humans and fellow canines! It’s been a while, eh? How the heck are you people? Me? Well, other than being sick from time to time, and costing my parents (just papa, cause my mommy is working for free) a fortune in vet fees.. I’m up to nothing special. Sometimes when I’m bored, I like to take my treats out and count them. Then when mommy catches me.. she likes to put them on my head to show off to the world. I don’t mind because I enjoy being a showboat every now and then. 🙂 Anywoofs, enjoy! 
I was minding my own business and counting my Milkbones until mommy decided to bother me. 
Seriously.. one treat? At least give me a challenge lady!
Three? This is TOO easy
FOUR = Okay.. this is getting a tad hard
We tried for FIVE… but then papa came home and distracted me. FAIL
I shall try harder next time. Come back to check for my progress!
Until next time party people! Hunter out!

A giant bed bug

Just kidding! It’s just Hunter! haha When we first got Hunter, we were strict and did not allow him on furniture. However, after several months, I sometimes make him jump into bed with me. Although he didn’t like cuddle much, he’ll let me snuggle with him for an entire 5 minutes before escaping. Occasionally, we’ll catch him on the bed himself (especially when he’s sad and we’re not home). Talk about getting comfortable! 
Hey Hunter! How do you like the bed?
Cheeseeeeeee 🙂

Puppy blog #19: Even dogs have lazy days

woof woof! Hunter here. Sorry that I haven’t blog lately.. I’ve been a little preoccupied with chasing a new laser pointer toy that my mommy picked up from the dollar store. At first I was scared of it, but now I’m pretty good at chasing it. 🙂 Anywoof, I haven’t been the best eater lately. I’ve actually been kind of picky.. and now I’m paying the price for it, aka, NO MORE TREATS! wahh. Oh wells.. let’s get back on track, shall we? The point of my blog is that, like my humans, even I have lazy days sometimes. And by lazy day, I mean FEED ME IN BED WOMAN.. which is exactly what happened tonight. Aunt Connie was the sucker who fell for my lazy boy antics and fed me by hand! What a sucker. 
First they placed the bowl on my bed.. so I ate a little out of courtesy.
Then I “refused” to eat, so Aunt Connie hand fed me. 
yawn.. food coma in its full effect. 
Goodnight y’all. Hunter out!