Puppy blog #18: I’m a Balla Baby

woof woof! Hunter here! Most dogs don’t get dressed up before they go out.. but then again.. I’m not most dogs! Like any young teenagers now-a-days.. the main focus when dressing is style AND SWAG. Luckily for me.. I’m a dog with a lot of natural swag. Looking good comes easy with my good looks! You can be like me in a few easy steps! Observe:
Step #1 – Find a basketball jersey. Make sure it’s not too big, and not too small!
Step #2 – Find matching sneakers so you can look oh-so fly
Step #3 – Khaki shorts.. you can’t go wrong with those
Step #4 – Add them all together!
Sometimes I get stuck in my shirts

Putting on my shoes


The smokey, sexy eye model stare. DONE and DONE! 
(I just broke hearts)
Swag on people, swag on! Hunter out!

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