Puppy blog #25: Evil never wins!

woof woof! Hunter here. Sometimes when I’m home alone, Uncle Delton’s Lego pieces come alive and play with me. Sometimes they play nice.. other times, they’re jerks and pick on me. For example, I was minding my own business today when some of his Lego villains stole my ball! But luckily for me.. I ain’t everrrr scared! woof!

Caught red-handed with my tennis ball!
 My plan was to smile.. play nice.. and then….
BAM! Grab my tennis ball back! 
I think it all myself.. no thanks to the superheros laying there. 
You can call me THE HUNTER from now on! 

Puppy blog #24: How EGG-citing :)

woof woof. Hunter here! This week, I joined in on the Easter festivities by going on my own egg hunt at a local park. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect, but I had fun. Of course, mommy bought me bunny ears.. how embarrassing. Can’t believe she made me wear them in a public park where all my friends hang out. Anywoofs, here are some pictures from my egg hunt.
Hurry and take the pictures before my friends loop around woman!
I think I found an orange egg.. keyword, think
AH-HA! I found something high up in the tree
Woohoo, my prize for the day. 🙂
Hunter out. 

Puppy blog: #23: Gardening with great grandpa

woof woof.  Hunter here! Mommy on spring break means lots of quality time at her house.. which means lots of time with my great grandparents. The weather went nuts last night.. but when the sun finally broke through the clouds today, it was time for great grandpa to fix up his garden in term for the first bloomers. Because I am cursed with paws, and don’t really have functional thumbs, I couldn’t really help him (not that I wanted to), so I stood around and stared at him. Anywoofs, watching great grandpa beats having mommy put stuff on my head any day!

Hey! What are you up to great grandpa? That looks heavy.

What’s inside there? Let me see!!!
Hunter out!