Puppy blog #28: Oleeee, Ole, Ole, Ole!

woof woof. Hunter here.  My parents are both at work today so that means I get to spend the day doing whatever I want! I chose to spend this beautiful day practicing soccer outside. Over the weekend, mommy worked on teaching me how to bump the ball with my head. However, being that it’s a ball… and I’m a dog, I have an innate tendency to want to BITE the ball! So that lesson didn’t last very long. (mommy has the attention span of a 2-year child) It’s a working progress. Check in with me at the end of the summer to see whether I’ve improved.
Concentrating on the ball
Wait for it… 
Yup. Still working on it.

You’re Not Coming Puppy :(

So Selton and I are leaving early Saturday morning for Hong Kong. We will be gone for two weeks for our dragon boat competition. This will be the LONGEST time we will be away from our boy. I’m dreading it because I worry for our boy. Hunter has separation anxiety. And to be honest, I have separation anxiety too! I love coming home to his kisses. I love bothering him. I love everything about him! I know he’ll be in good hands with my sister, but stillllllll! WAHHHH *cue, water works* Anyways I was packing yesterday and a certain someone ended up in my luggage. Sneaky, sneaky! 
“Mommy, I’m coming with you.”
“Maybe if I put mommy’s jersey on and climb it, she won’t notice.”
“But first I have to squeeze in!”
😦 I wish we could bring you puppy..  but I promise to come home and spoil you a million hugs and kisses.  I woof you too.

Puppy blog #27: Summertime Ready

woof woof. Hunter here! Memorial Day = Kickoff to the summer!  Summer = HOT weather. Which means that I get to play in my kiddie pool. Even though both of my parents are sick, they managed to drag their butts out of bed and spend some quality time with me. BEST DAY EVER! Enjoy 🙂

Goggles? Check, Pool filled with water? Check, 
Happy Hunter? Check, Check, Check
But first.. let me quench my thirst. 
I was trying to get comfortable in my pool.. until I realized that I didn’t fit in anymore! 
woof! I’m a growing boy! 
Alright, alright, let me get out of here. Time to buy me a new pool mommy!
Hunter out!