Water Sprinkler:1, Hunter: 1

Hello friends & family. Puppy is currently taking his morning cat nap, so that gives me time to blog. Internship has come to an end for me. Starting next week, I begin my part time (3 days/week) job. The luxury of having a part time job is more me time.. and of course more time to bother Hunter. The brat will be spoiled with longer walks and longer play time on my days off. I think that will make up for the two weeks that we left him behind. Enjoy the pictures from today’s morning walk… more specifically, Hunter’s battle with the sprinkler system at our park. 
Woohoo.. Summertime = Sprinklers = WATER
Look how nicely I can drink the water!
What the heck sprinkler thing? Why are you spraying my face???

Puppy blog #30: Time to JUMP for Joy!

woof woof! Hunter here. Woohoo. Both my parents returned from Hong Kong. That only means ONE thing! It’s time to get back on my jumping grind. Anywoofs, I missed my parents dearly.. but did they miss me?! NO! Why do I say no? Because they didn’t bring me back ANYTHING. Unbelievable! They left for an entire 2 weeks and didn’t bring home anything for me. If I went away, I would’ve gotten them a nice bone… some fleas.. or at least branch. Hmph! Well, enough of my ranting. At least they’re home now. 
Tennis court net? TOO easy.
Ain’t nothing but a G-thang.
Hunter OUT!

Puppy blog #29:Where are my parents?

woof. Hunter here. I think I’ve come to a conclusion that mommy and papa aren’t coming home for a while. It makes me sad. What is this Kong Hong place they’ve ventured off too?! I’ve been spending my days roaming around mommy’s house. Occasionally I secretly hop onto Auntie Connie’s bed to look out the window, hoping that I’ll see papa’s car. While Auntie Connie has been awesome, I still miss my parents. I hope they come back for me soon.

Where’s mommy and papa? 😦
Hunter out.