Puppy blog #38: I Should Be a Model

woof woof! Hunter here. Everyone knows my mommy is obsessed with me. She tells me that I’m the most handsomest dog ever. Plus, random humans tell my mommy that I’m a good looking dog when she walks me. So basically my head is starting to become pretty big, and I’m starting to believe that I am one HOT stud muffin. I convinced mommy to do a photo shoot at the park this morning so that I can start building my portfolio. 
My rate is $100/hour. I don’t like working with  humans and prefer to do solo shoots. I may or may not be able to work with other dogs.. depends on my mood. Yes, I’m a diva. So what? Look at me.
Sporting the Navy bandana that Uncle Brian got me. 
I make it W O R K.
I’m ready for my manicure mommy. 
Hunter out!

Share a Coke with Hunter!!

Just thought I’d share how I stumbled upon a Coke bottle with Hunter’s name on it while strolling through Target. Too bad puppy isn’t allowed to drink soda! Of course, I wasn’t purposely looking for his name. I was obviously looking for my own name. I didn’t bother looking for Selton’s… because let’s face it.. his name is pretty weird. Is this even blog worthy?! Alright.. let me go back to doing nothing productive. Just kidding, cause I actually do stuff other than take pictures of Hunter (like stand around Target and take pictures of soda bottles)!

Puppy blog #37: It is HOT, HOT, HOT!

woof woof! Hunter here. DANGGGG!! It is H O T today! Unfortunately for me, I have a double coat! During my afternoon pee/poo break, mommy and I walked ONE lap around the tennis court and I was panting already.

First of all, did you know that dogs can get heat strokes? And did you also know that the asphalt can be almost 50 degrees hotter than the actual air temperature?! Just food for thought for all the other human parents out there. Luckily for me, mommy is smart (sorta) and made sure I was only out there long enough to do my business. Then she brought me back to her house where grandpa installed a new air conditioner in the living room and gave me ice cubes! Woohoo.. okay. Time to nap now.

Thirst quencher!  
This is a bad angle for my face mommy. My nose looks humongous! 
Hunter out!