Puppy blog #51: Oh DEER! Camping was fun!

woof woof! Hunter here. I’m taking a break from my recuperation nap to tell you human folks about my awesome weekend. Camping was so much fun! Why didn’t my parents take me sooner?! I didn’t know what to expect, but I can tell you the one thing I didn’t expect! I didn’t expect mommy to have so many friends! Actually, no. Correction. I didn’t know mommy had any friends! There were 24 humans camping for mommy’s birthday celebration altogether. And I can assure you that she is grateful for every single one of them. A lot of them had surprises for her.

Anywoofs, let’s just go straight to the pictures shall we?

This is a picture of papa and I getting ready for bed the first night. We had to pitch a tent and sleep inside of it! I’m going to be honest. I was pretty scared of the tent. On the first night, I probably got up and moved around like 4-5 times. Sleeping on rocks is NOT enjoyable. Next time I’m going to convince mommy to buy us some yoga mats. 
The next morning, some of the boy humans and I played catch while everyone else ate breakfast. I never actually got to catch the ball.. so I guess it was more like monkey in the middle. These boy humans were NOT nice. They didn’t share. 
After running around the campsite all morning, I was pooped. I passed out on our way to our hiking trail. The ride was literally 5 minutes from our campsite, but I couldn’t keep my eyes opened. 
We took this picture right before our hike. I’d like to call this photo, “My Perfect Family.”
I’d like to call this photo, “HEY, There’s an Intruder in My Picture With Mommy!” Just kidding! This is mommy’s best friend, Auntie Danielle. And that is my over the shoulder sexy pose
P.S – If you are an aspiring model, you should take notes. 
This was the beginning of our hiking adventure. LOOK AT HOW MANY HUMAN FRIENDS MOMMY HAS!! Ya know.. come to think of it.. She probably paid them! 
Anywoofs, we went on a REAL hike! After hiking this very long trail (8.6 miles in 4 1/2 hours), I’m convinced that my parents have been ripping me off with their past hikes with me. Compared to our Kitchewan hiking trails, this hike had a lot of steep inclines and declines! Phew* What a workout! 
BEEP BEEP* Move it Auntie Eunice! You’re a slowpoke, let me show you how you’re supposed to climb up a rocky hill!
Cheese!!! Still smiling early on.. when we still thought it was just a 4 mile hike. 
Trust me Uncle James.. this way is the right path!
Papa and I resting on one of our breaks. This was when everyone started to question how much longer we had to hike. We were probably only 3 miles into our 8+ mile hike at this point! 
After our break, we continued to push forward! Ain’t body trying to get stuck on this trail! I’m too handsome to be stuck here overnight. There are probably real wolves wandering around out here. 
We had another break at this mini-waterfall. While the humans took pictures and talked, Uncle Ricky played with me. I lost the branch that he threw at me in the water.. so this is a picture of me looking for it. 
The water was so refreshing for my tired paws. 
We took another break shortly after the waterfalls. The humans were exhausted at this point! (And so was I) 

Here’s a picture of Uncle Ricky and Auntie Yann. It was her first time camping.. and hiking. Apparently she doesn’t do any strenuous activities. She’s not about that life. She met her exercise quota for the next 3 years. 
This is Uncle Erick. Like me, this was also his first time camping. He kept saying that he got fat and that he had a belly. But mommy said his tummy shrank after our long hike. I agree with mommy. Good job Uncle Erick!
Our next trail brought us to a lake. And anyone who knows me knows that I LOVEEEEE the water. WeEeeEe!
After swimming, we continued our hike. We had another 2 miles to go! During our last mile, mommy and I jogged some of it with her friends. They were a lot faster than mommy. We’re going to have work with mommy on her speed. 
And then we spotted a monkey along the way. That’s Uncle Justin. He led us on this 4-mile, just kidding, really 8 1/2 mile hike. I didn’t mind the long hike though. My parents and I had so much fun. 
After our hike, we headed back to the campsite. I was pooped. Compared to my first night, I didn’t run around as much. For the rest of the night, the humans stuffed themselves with delicious food (while mommy fed me my boring dog food). Then we sat around the campfires. They even “surprised” mommy with cupcakes and a song. After a long productive day, let’s just say that no one had any trouble falling asleep. 
These people are some of my parents’ bestest friends in the whole world. Personally, I think they’re just alright. But hey, I’m pretty easy to win over. So if you really want me to love you, like my parents love you, just bribe my love with treats and new chew toys. No biggie. 
Mommy love these ladies a lot (except for Auntie Buena on the far left)! They spend a lot of time together during the summer months. They’re been training with my mommy to make her a better paddler so that she can earn a spot on team USA. 
After our photo opp, I was totally ready to head home.  
Goodnight! I couldn’t wait to hop into the car so that I could nap.

The sleeping continued throughout the entire afternoon. I think tired is an understatement. 
BTW, this is my new dog bed for the apartment, courtesy of grandma. 
This was an exhausting weekend! But like I said, I had so much fun! I hope my parents read this and see how much I enjoyed myself so that we can plan another weekend of camping soon. 🙂 Hunter out! 

Puppy blog #50: Guess Where My Next Adventure Is?

woof woof! Hunter here. I’m so excited! When papa gets off of work tonight, we are going away for the weekend! Mommy says we are going camping.  I’m not really sure what it is, but she packed a bunch of stuff.. like sleeping bags, lanterns, and a TENT! She also bought this flea and tick repellent wipe, so that I won’t get eaten alive. I’m assuming it’s probably just a long, long hike in the woods. Mommy’s been talking to me about this weekend nonstop. Apparently we are going away for mommy’s birthday celebration. She invited a bunch of her human friends. She’s been telling me that I need to be nice.. and that I need to protect everyone from bears. UM HELLO? Let’s be honest. I’m afraid of plastic bags.. what makes you think that I will stand up to a 500lb bear? As mommy would put it, it’s going to be a #YOYO situation (YOU OWN YOUR OWN!) Sorry lady.
On the side note. Mommy used my birthday money that my grandma gave me to buy me my favorite!! Auntie Connie started to buy this for me a while back. I only got to eat it whenever I went to grandma’s house, but now mommy finally bought 2.. one for grandma’s house and one for my new home.. woofhoo! Bottom line, it’s delicious!  There are cranberries, blueberries and spinach mixed in with bison meet and beef. Talk about a balanced diet. When this stuff gets mixed in with my dry food, I tend to eat more. This actually might be the key to helping me gain weight!
Anywoofs, that’s all folks! I’ll update you on Monday with this weekend’s adventure! Hunter out!

Gloomy Hump Day

Need I say more? For a few days a week, we have been sleeping in the new apartment. Hunter is still getting acclimated to his new home. We’ve been putting his bed in the living room. If we are awake, he will go ahead and lay on own his bed.  However, as soon as we turn off the lights, he somehow wanders back into the bedroom. Rather than sleep in his own bed, he opts for the hard floor. To compromise (since I don’t want his joints on the hard floor), I drag his bed right outside the bedroom door. This seems to do the trick. But I still don’t think he’s getting a full night of sleep.. because look!
The boy has been sleeping all morning! I mean.. he usually sleeps during the day anyways, but not this much! I guess he really takes after me.. because I love my naps. 
I know. Hunter sleeps like an angel. He looks so peaceful and innocent when he sleeps. Too bad when he wakes up, he’s the biggest brat ever. 
Anyways, that’s it for this gloomy Wednesday.