Puppy blog #64: Happy HOWLoween!

woof woof! Hunter here. Happy Howloween my friends! I’m sure you guys have already seen my other costume… but I’m going to show you another one today. Well.. it isn’t really my costume. Turns out my parents are going to be bank robbers for Halloween. How dare they leave me out? Why do I have to be a knight’s horse, while they get to be sneaky robbers? Hmph. So since papa is at work, I borrowed parts of his costume and made do with what I had so that I could be a robber too. A family that robs together, sticks together! Obvs!

I wouldn’t make a great robber. I’d go after treats…
Have a fun and safe Halloween! Hunter out. 

TBT: Same Old, Same Old

Hello friends! Welcome to another edition of Hunter’s Throw back Thursday! My friend Leah sent me some of Hunter’s puppy pictures that she took during his time with her family a while back. Every now and then I like to go through them just to see how much our boy has grown.

Hunter’s sexy pose from last year. 

Hunter’s sexy pose from this year. Yup… the kid still got it.
What do you guys think? Until next time! 

Puppy blog #63: Ruff Play!

woof woof! Hunter here! My parents took me to the newly renovated dog park, Dyker Beach dog run this morning. It’s so nice there! It’s big and has lot of open space so I don’t feel claustrophobic. I’m usually anti-social but I actually made attempts to interact with other dogs! I played with the big boys and ignored the little dog trying to play with us too. Ain’t nobody got time to be watching my paws and playing “nicely.” Not my problem you’re a little thang! My advice is… GROW SOME! Anywoofs, here are some pictures from our play.

The husky is named Percy. And the GSD/Lab mix is named Jake. I usually see Jake at the Owl’s Head dog run. Though I’ve known him for over a year, I haven’t officially played with him. It’s like I want to play with him.. but I’m scared of him at the same time. He’s kinda big! Also. his owner is super nice. She’s a dog trainer so yes, Jake is very well behaved compared to me (though I’m really not that bad!). She’s always giving my mommy tips on what to do with me. 

Catch me if you can slow poke!

Jake and I ganging up on Percy.

Err… excuse my poor manners. I’m a pervert. 

And look! A mini dog fountain for me! No more having to hop up onto the human fountain. 
If you live in Brooklyn, I suggest you beg your human parents to visit this newly renovated run. And have your parents let my mommy know when you decide to go and I just might decide to break out of my shell and not be anti-social for once. No guarantees! Enjoy the rest of your day! Hunter out!