A Lazy Runner

Happy Friday folks! Luckily for Hunter, I was off of work today. And luckily for us, it turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous fall day. I took advantage of the weather during his afternoon stroll and decided to do a short run with him. I should’ve known better than to run with this kid. I think he’s more of a natural sprinter, rather than a continuous running kinda dog. Hunter can go on for hours running after his ball or frisbee.. but once he has to continuously run.. game over. I was practically dragging his leash after the first mile. Ain’t nobody got time to run with a drag factor! So hence, we didn’t even break 2 miles. What a shame.
We ran around the tennis courts in our neighborhood. I tried to time our run so that the streets weren’t roaming around with screaming school kids.
Hunter usually hops up onto the fountain.. but it’s obvious in this post-run picture that he was clearly exhausted by our very “intense” afternoon jog. 
Until next time! 

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