Puppy blog #54: Precious Moments

woof woof! Hunter here. Today’s howl is short and simple. I went on another walk with my great grandma. She’s the funniest elderly human ever. She was actively waving to other elderly humans at the park, as if she was trying to show me off on purpose! She had the biggest smile on her face. My favorite part was the “what the heck?,” stares from the other humans that she got back. I don’t think she really knew them. 

Great grandma and I having a conversation together. She was asking me what I wanted to eat for dinner. We decided on chicken and rice. YUM!

Yup. Just me and the elderly human strolling along. Here’s a picture of her looking for her friends.
My relationship with my great grandma is weird. I know she loves me. She spoils me with a ton of delicious human foods. She talks to me.. though sometimes she’s so loud, it’s as if she is screaming at me. Sometimes when my mommy’s at work and she leaves me at her house, I’d hear great grandma try to entice me to go downstairs with carrots.. but I usually ignore her. Then she gets mad and complains about how I never go downstairs without my mommy. OH! Did I mention that since my mommy adopted me, my great grandma has only petted me twice? She loves me, but she’s scared of me at the same time. What a silly old woman. 
Hunter out! 

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