Here’s our second throwback Thursday posting. 
This is an old picture that my good friend Leah took of Hunter when he was just a little goofball. If you didn’t know by now.. Selton and I adopted Hunter from Leah’s family last summer. When we got him, he was 9 months old and almost fully grown. At first we didn’t know what to expect. We only visited him twice before making the decision to keep him. AND that brat barked at us. But nonetheless, it was the best decision we’ve ever made in our lives. I honestly wished that we had him when he was this tiny. I feel like we missed out on a lot of his puppy-hood.

Here is a recent picture of Hunter with his Auntie Tiffany (Selton’s sister). Look at those smiles! This picture is absolutely precious.
 In comparison to the first picture, he’s sooooo gigiantic now. Plus, his coat is a lot lighter in color. He definitely lost a lot of his darker coat. We can barely lift him off the ground. It also doesn’t help that he’s so friggin’ squirmy whenever we try to pick him up. 
Well that’s all for today! Until next time. 

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