Puppy blog #59: Knight In Shining FURmour

woof woof! Hunter here. Halloween is quickly approaching and I know many of you fabulous human readers woke up on this beautiful Saturday morning thinking, “Hm.. I wonder what that awesome blogging dog, Hunter is going to be for Halloween?” I definitely know some of mommy’s friends are expecting a costume because let’s be frank… she’s obsessed with me. She would obviously have a costume ready for me. DUH! But not surprisingly, she’s too cheap. Or should I say, papa’s too cheap! (Cause he controls the credit card, DUH again) Anywoofs, luckily for me, I am loved by all! Auntie Tiffany went out a while ago and set her eyes on this costume.

BAM! Don’t I look super cool with this dude riding on my back? I named him Dylan. If you haven’t noticed by now.. I like naming things. 

I’m probably going to get a ton of candies with this fella. Surely I’d have the best costume and beat out all the neighborhood kids. 
Just kidding. We aren’t planning to stroll around the neighborhood with my costume on. All the kids would run away and drop their bags… hmmm… actually, that doesn’t sound too bad. MUahahHahaha! Stay tune for upcoming blogs leading up to Halloween! Mommy and I are going to carve me a pumpkin! Hunter out!

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