My Yogi Pup

Greetings fellow 2-legged friends! I’m taking over Hunter’s blog together because.. well.. he’s busy rolling around on my yoga mat. We have a yoga mat in the apartment because it’s impossible for me to get to the gym all the time! And unfortunately.. I’ve been under the weather so guess who’s been working out at home? Anyways, so get this. This boy has his own bed.. but as soon as I walked away from my mat, he walked over my mat and made himself comfortable. Sprawled out and all. Sorry to tell you this boy, but you’re not using my mat correctly! OH! And he’s quite intrigued with my foam roller and even tried to nibble on it a few times. Something tells me that my mat and foam roller won’t last. 
hm, this foam roller makes an excellent cuddling partner for the colder nights. 
Or a wonderful pillow. 
Am I doing this downward dog correctly?
Stay warm on this yucky day! Until next time. 

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