Privacy Please!!

Happy Sunday! Brr, it’s terribly cold outside.. but being responsible parents, we got out of our warm bed and braved the wind and cold to bring the boy out! Upon entering the dog park, our shy boy was immediately bombarded with other curious dogs. They wouldn’t leave our poor boy alone.. not even some privacy to go #1 and #2.

Here’s Hunter doing his business with all the other dogs investigating. One unfortunate pup got really close and may have gotten peed on. Whoops. Blizzard, the white one decided to do his business right next to Hunter. Guess it’s monkey see, monkey do!
And yes, we’ve also noticed that Hunter does not pee with a leg up. He doesn’t know how to! He never learn it! We have a sissy boy. 
That’s all for now! Stay warm folks! Until next time. 

One thought on “Privacy Please!!

  1. Amy Boyer says:

    Haha that is so funny! Toby has a pal in the neighborhood, we see him in his yard when we are walking. Toby pees on the fence and his friend is so excited to pee right in the same spot!


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