Puppy blog #87: Snow Day Video

woof woof! Hunter here. I nagged my mommy all night until she finally gave in and edited my snow day video. Now I can share it with you guys!!!

As you can tell by the terrible editing, the woman is still learning how to use the GoPro Studio program. However, if you ask me.. I don’t think she’s really putting in a whole lot of effort into the learning part. She’s kind of lazy and just sits around our home, playing Clash of Clans on her phone all day. Yes. I know. I exposed you mommy. Shame on you. Battling kids half your age instead of making awesome videos of me to show the world. šŸ˜› Let us know what you think!

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Hunter out!

Puppy blog #86: More Snow Please!

woof woof! Hunter here! The past few days since “blizzard” Juno hit has been AH-MAZING! While the blizzard turned out to be a fluke in the NYC area, I still got to enjoy a few inches of snow! I’m actually kind of sad because the snow has been melting. It’s been icky and dirty.. and mixed with salt, which hurts my paws. So yeah.. big bummer. My possible solution? Pray to the snow Gods and do a snow dance in hopes of getting more snow, duh! Anywoofs, in addition to my pictures,Ā I was supposed have a video to show you folks how I enjoyed my snow day, but mommy’s been pretty lazy and isn’t editing the video the way I want her to. I’m thinking of firing her soon… Seriously mommy.. what am I paying you for?


While playing in the park, we encountered this cool looking snowman. The old Hunter from last year would’ve ripped him into tiny snowballs. BUTĀ luckily for this snowman, I’ve turned a new leaf. I took my pictures and walked away. Unfortunately for the poor snowman, he wasn’t so lucky with the next dog that came around. Here he was minding his own business and enjoying the snow, when a pooch named Bailey walked up to him and then peed on him! Poor dude.Ā Never even saw it coming.

DCIM112GOPROTruly a winter wonderland. Surrounded by my favorite!

DCIM112GOPROSo that day, I peed multiple times. Why? Because I ateĀ a lot of snowballs. And when I say a lot, I mean it! Can you blame me? I mean.. if you’re going to make snowballs and throw them up in the air, I’m going to try to catch them! It’s not rocket science! It’s a simple equation! Anywoofs, it’s time for my morning nap. Please help a brother from another mother out and do a snow dance for me! Thanks in advance! Hunter out!


A Beginning of a New Friendship

Hello friends! I’m sure most of you in the North East area stayed home from work today… crippled by this “historic” blizzard. HA. The first thing we did when we woke up was put on all our layers and trekked to our local park so that our boy could enjoy this weather. He pranced around and ate a ton of snowballs.. but those pictures will be saved for his own puppy blog tomorrow. He warned me not to use his pictures or else! Anyways, after we enjoyed the morning as a family, we made our way back to my house so that Hunter could spend some time with my family as well as his new cousin, as I’m sure he has already complained to you folks about.

IMG_8444This wonderful pup right here is named Riley. Her shelter name was Stella. When she came home with my sister and mom, they gave her a temporary name. Zoey. That didn’t work out because my fobby mom couldn’t pronounce it well enough and would call her Joey. lol So Riley works.

She’s a handful. Peeing and pooping EVERYWHERE! And she pees and poops like every 2 hours! If you recall from Hunter’s puppy blog, that’s how she got on my grandparents’ bad side. Because she pooed on their carpet! lol However, one key difference between Hunter and Riley is that she’s still a pup. She likes everyone and anyone (not a good thing yet). My grandparents like that fact that she approaches them and allows for them to pet her. Hunter, on the hand continues to be more cautious around people and will shy away from people petting him if he is not comfortable with them. So if you ask me, my grandparents are starting to fall for this young pup, and they’reĀ falling for her fast! Confirmation? Riley peed on their mat outside of their bedroom and my grandmother just laughed!

IMG_8435Sorry. This picture is a little blurry. Here are the two kids waiting for their great grandmother to set down their delicious meals.Ā Of course, there’s food in front of Hunter so he’s as still as a statue. Riley? Not so much. The pup has ADD. I knew that my grandparents had started to fall for Riley when they made an extra portion of beef and rice.

Ā Here’s the two of them playing with each other after lunch. As you can see, Hunter is testing out how much strength to use when he’s playing with her.

IMG_8439I think Hunter is still coming to terms that he is no longer the sole prince in the family. Riley is full of puppy energy and loves following Hunter around the house. She’s like his shadow. And while Hunter likes her, he does not enjoy being jumped on and licked every moment they are together. Every now and then, he growls at Riley, especially when she steals his food or gets in his way. BUT don’t underestimate Riley. That little thing has a feisty personality and will stick up for herself if she has to. When they first met, Hunter growled at her but she growled back. The both of them are still negotiating their boundaries with each other.

IMG_8447I know Hunter will grow to love Riley as Riley already loves her older cousin. He has lost his bed and his pillow (pictured above) to Riley.. but he doesn’t mind. He’s willing to lay on the hard floor.

We are looking forward to their blossoming friendship! Until next time!