Can’t Buy This Kid Anything!

Hello friends! Yes! You’ve made it through the week. It’s Friday! *does a little awkward happy dance* Anyways, yesterday I bought our boy two new toys. He LOVED his giant tennis ball… But that didn’t last very long. 

Oh gees.. How is it possible that a round ball can rest so perfectly still on the top of your head like that Hunter?

Oh! Could it be because you already sank your fang-like teeth into the ball and popped it already?

Of course that’s the reason.. Sigh. Can’t buy you anything!!!! Until next time. 

Puppy blog #94: Suspiciously Fun New Toys..

woof woof! Hunter here! Mommy just got home not too long ago. And she came home with presents! Two spanking new toys. Why? I have no idea. I’m still trying to figure it out, which is why I’m blogging as she gets ready to take an afternoon cat nap. Let’s go through the process of elimination with possible reasons for today’s delightful presents. I know my birthday is in September.. so it can’t be that. My furever home anniversary is not until the summer time.. so it can’t be that either. It’s not like I magically learned a new trick and cleaned our home so it’s definitely not that. I counted all my lai sees (lucky red envelopes) and I have them all.. so she didn’t use my money to buy me my new toys..  hmm I’m stumped. If mommy thinks that the addition of these two new toys will make it okay for her to get rid of my so-called “disgusting” old toys.. she’s is completely out of her mind and wrong! I’ m not getting rid of a single toy!

A new turtle friend and a giant new tennis ball! Too much fun! It’s safe to say that this tennis ball is my new favorite toy.

Why do you think mommy decided to spoil me with two new toys all of a sudden? hmm… Hunter out!


Happy Hump Day friends! Last night our friends Simon and Tricia called, asking whether Hunter would like some boiled chicken. Well, duh! So they swung by to drop it off. Hunter wasn’t very well-mannered and barked at the top of his lungs at them.. not knowing that his Auntie and Uncle (yes.. the one who he bit in the butt) were about to give him a delicious BAG of treat. After we retreated from the cold outside, aka Antarctica, the boy’s nose immediately picked up on a tasty scent.

While I usually don’t spoil Hunter that much, I let him eat at his heart’s desire. I mean.. they did come with two containers filled with fresh chicken meat! Also, I really wanted to see how Hunter would react to a container of chicken placed in front of him. I guess this picture says it all! As he got towards the end of the container, I had to assist him.. but not that much. Luckily for him.. he has a long muzzle which aided in his ability to reach down to the bottom. What a lucky fella!

I’m pretty sure Hunter slept like a baby from all that delicious chicken he devoured. Thank you Simon and Tricia for spoiling our boy! And sorry that the pictures came out blurry.. he was really going at the chicken! Until next time.