Puppy blog #88: Don’t Say VET!

woof woof! Hunter here, writing to tell you about my annual check-up with Dr. Zawie. *cue the horror music* Just kidding… but not really. Dr. Zawie can be kinda scary. You see.. my doc is a gigantic man. He’s tall, big and loud! It’s an understatement when I say that I am absolutely terrified of him.. but don’t get me wrong. He’s a REALLY REALLY REALLY nice man. He’s super attentive and always give my parents advice on what to do with me whenever I’m not feeling well. Anywoofs, my mommy was especially excited because she really wanted to find out whether I had gained weight. According to records, I was 71lbs during my last visit. When the vet tech weighed me.. it said I was 71.8lbs. The look on my mommy’s face was like, “What the crap?.. why aren’t you getting fatter?!” But luckily for me, my parents noticed that my backside was completely leaning against the wall… so after my visit with Dr. Zawie,they reweighed me on the scale themselves. 74lbs!!! So I did get gain weight! Woohoo! So.. how did my visit go? I wouldn’t say that a visit to the vet is the MOST pleasant thing in the world. Instead of going to the vet, I could be doing a ton of other things.. like napping or blogging.. you know.. stuff that’s more important and less painful. But I got through it, no thanks to mommy. She just laughed at my shaky legs and called me Elvis, whoever that is. (I will google him later.) Then she took pictures! Ugh. Now taking applications for a new mommy!

IMG_8595Here is Dr. Zawie and one of his vet techs. This was the first time they lifted me onto that table and it was super SCARY. In my past visits, they always did everything with me on the floor. I was way too scared to be biting anyone at that moment, but as a precaution, Dr. Zawie had my parents to put a muzzle around me.

IMG_8600This vet tech was so nice. He was strong and kept constant pressure around my body. Mommy caught him wiping his sweat off after my examination. I guess holding a big dog like me down is no easy task. Time to load up on some spinach my friend! On top of getting my dew claws clipped, I had THREE shots. Yup. I’m a big boy now. I handled it!

Anywoofs, I’m going away this weekend with my parents and their friends! We’re going to the Poconos!! I can’t wait!!! Stay tune for pictures from my adventure. Hunter out.



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