Puppy blog #89: Mommy’s a JERK, again!

woof woof! Hunter here. Originally I was going to tell you friends what a fantastic time I had with my parents and their friends in the Poconos over the weekend.. but I changed my mind. Why? It’s simple. I’m here to warn everyone. MOMMY IS A DANGEROUS WOMAN TO BE AROUND! Please take my word for it! Not only is she clumsy and poses a threat to herself, but she poses a threat to all of mankind. Dogkind too. I advise everyone around her to wear bubble wrap in addition to a metal armor! Remember my third puppy blog? Where she clipped my toe nail and made me bleed all over the floor? Well.. today, her weapon of choice was a friggin’ tree branch! I don’t get her. She had ALL of the park, where there was plenty of open space to throw the branch.. but she managed to throw it into straight into my face!


=IMG_8665MY FACE!!!!!

How am I supposed to walk out the street with a hole in my face? I’m not going to be the best looking dog in my neighborhood anymore! WOOF! Immediately after this happened, I took the branch back and kept my distance from this dangerous woman. She kept wondering why I wouldn’t drop the branch for her afterwards.. but com’on mommy! The picture says it all! I know it’s only February, but Santa.. I know you’re out there. I promise to be a wonderful dog this year and won’t cause any trouble if you promise to pleaseeeee magically help me get rid of my mommy’s clumsiness. PLEASEEEE! Hunter out.


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