Puppy blog #91: Frenemies

woof woof! Hunter here! Sorry for having a few lazy days. What can I say? It was a holiday weekend!! I’m entitled to celebrating Presidents’ Day too! Anywoofs, mommy took me over to grandma’s house today because she needed to help my great grandparents prep for the upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations… so where did that leave me? If you guessed playing with the new family edition, Riley – then you were right. BEEEEELIEVEEEE me when I say she’s a handful. My great grandma always questions why I don’t like playing with her.. well.. let’s put it into human perspective. What if every time you saw your little sibling or cousin.. they ran full speed with all their might into you? What if every time you tried to play nice, they took a jab at you.. and then finished you off with a hay maker? What if they pulled a Mike Tyson and bit your ear off? Is this a little too dramatic? I think not. Why? Well.. it’s because that brat actually bit my cheek today. When she pulled away, my FUR was in her mouth! So.. imagine my fur to be an ear. Not dramatic at all.

But don’t get me wrong. We did manage to spend some quality time together in great grandpa’s garden. So.. we’re not enemies all the time. Just when I choose. 🙂 My love for her is still conditional.. only because she has yet to learn how to play nice. I mean.. let’s be honest. I were to continue to play with her.. and allow for her to bite my cheek each time.. I won’t be a German Shepherd anymore. I’ll have to change breeds and be relabeled as Chinese Crested from all my missing fur! (No offense to all my Chinese Crested homies!) Anywoofs, enough of my rant. Here’s a picture, along with a video of us playing nice. IMG_8789So much fun, her jacket fell off!

Hope you enjoyed! Hunter out!


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