Puppy blog #93: I’m RICH!!

woof woof! Hunter here. I hope that all friends and family are enjoying the New Year celebrations, especially those who are not married! I know I am! I got lai-sees again this year from my human grandparents on both sides, my great grandparents from mommy’s side, as well as my great aunt from papa’s side. My great aunt’s lai-see was the biggest, not only in envelope size but also in monetary value! She sure does love me!IMG_8930Other than telling me to give you guys my lai-sees *ahem Auntie Stephanie*.. what should I do with my lucky money this year? As mentioned previously.. I used last year’s money to donate to ASPCA as well as buy my local NYPD a holiday cookie platter. So what should I do this year? Should I sign up for doggy training? Enroll myself into doggy daycare to give my parents a break? Buy myself a few new things? Or should I donate the money to a good cause? So many questions.. Hunter out!


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