Cooped Up

Hello friends! It’s another fantastic Spring afternoon.. but unfortunately for our boy.. we are both working away from home today. Sadly, he will not be able to enjoy any of the sun’s rays. On days when we are both out for long periods of time, I get sad. Mainly because I know that Hunter doesn’t do much without us. He occasionally roams around the apartment and will get a drink or two, but he doesn’t bother playing with any of his toys. So before I left the house for work, I made sure that I opened the blinds so that he could at least watch people stroll by our apartment as they enjoyed the day.

Don’t worry boy! Mommy will be home in no time. Then we will go out for a nice long walk!

Until next time!

Puppy blog #99: Welcome Spring!

woof woof! Hunter here! WOOOOOOOFHOO! After a chilly, not so Spring-like morning here in NYC, the sun finally came out to play for a bit. Though it was short-lived, Mommy and I took advantage of the warm afternoon and spent some time at our local park. While mommy relaxed and answered emails on her phone, I entertained myself with a branch and the warm ground.

This is me, chomping away at the branch. Sometimes people ask mommy whether she is afraid that I shallow the pieces of branch. The answer is no! Silly humans!  Why would I eat a tree branch when I get fed pieces of chicken, eggs and fruits at home? I merely gnaw on branches to clean my teeth. 🙂 Oh.. hello mommy. I didn’t see you there..   Don’t mind me while I roll around in the dirt. =)

Enjoy the rest of your Monday! Hunter out!

My Barky Dog

Hello friends! We’ve been so busy lately that we haven’t found time to blog as much as we would like which is a bummer because every day is another day of adventure for us. Anyways, I’ve been asked many times why Hunter barks. The answer is simple. Hunter is a dog. Dogs bark. He barks when the door bell rings. He barks when people come running towards him. He barks because he’s a dog. His barks appear vicious. And it doesn’t help that he’s a big dog. But to be honest, Hunter is a dog with little confidence. He is frightened easily.. and so his first defense is to bark, but it’s not aggressive. It’s more like a, “get away from me,” kind of bark. If you were to ask any of our friends who have visited our home.. they would tell you the same thing. He backs up towards the bedroom as he barks. And after everyone finally settles down, he stops. But he doesn’t stop because he likes your presence in his territory… but because he tolerates you. We’ve realized that Hunter is more likely to bark at men. Especially big, tall men that stare him down. Why? He feels intimidated and challenged. So I usually tell people to ignore him completely. Sometimes people listen to my advice. When this happens, Hunter feels less threatened and will be more inclined to sniff that human’s butt. Treats are immediately rewarded for appropriate contact with the human to reinforce this behavior. And also to make the connection that humans are good and won’t harm him. Other times, people choose not to listen.. and so the barking continues until either I walk away with Hunter or the person gives up and walks away.

I usually don’t mind his barking. It’s his warning to people that they are getting too close. Fair enough. But there are times when I wished Hunter was more approachable and friendly. You know.. like those T.V dogs that hug everyone! But I’ve also come to terms that he’s not that type of dog. His barks are a part of his personality. He’s more reserved and has a protective temperament. That’s my boy.. and I love my barky dog all the same. At the end of the day, I know that Hunter only has unconditional love for us and that’s all that matters.  Until next time.