A New Friend

Hello friends! So I lied. Hunter doesn’t have full control of the blog. I wanted to blog from Tampa, Florida and borrowed my friend’s laptop just to say a big HELLO!! I’m getting my butt literally kicked here at dragon boat camp. These women that I’ve spent the past two days paddling with are absolutely amazing. But I still think about Hunter. When I have down time in between practices, I often find myself wondering about him. Is he staring out the window? Is he laying on my side of the bed? Is he listening to his papa? Anyways, long story short. Because I missed Hunter so much, I bought him a new toy. I’m going to regret it…

Until next time.

Puppy blog #107: 1 Night Down

5 more to go. Woof woof! Hunter here. Mommy is back in sunny Florida for her team USA training camp. This time, she’s gone for an entire week! The first night without her wasn’t too bad.. I had my big boy pants on. I got to sleep on her side of the bed again. I’ll be the substitute so that papa won’t get too lonely. Hi mommy!! I miss you! Remember to shower this time so that you don’t come home so dark again! Woof!! Hunter out. 

Gone For A Week..

Hello friends! Human blog today! Good news! My team USA premier women’s camp for dragon boat has finally arrived!! Woooooo!! I waited so long for this week! Bad news: The boys are home alone again! Hunter is without me for a full week. I think he knew I was going to leave him again. He was quite clingy. Usually when we tell him to get off the bed, he immediately complies.. But last night, our requests were met with low groans and purrs (as if he were a cat). There was a lot of him nudging his face under my arms. Being the softie that I am.. I let him cuddle with me for a little bit longer.. In actuality, I wanted the extra snuggle time with my boy.    Until he decided to lay like this.. Haha  “What towel? I don’t see your towel.. Guess you can’t go mommy.”  “Maybe I can squeeze myself into Mommy’s carry on..” This was our morning before Selton dropped me off at the airport. Well, that’s all for now. See you all in a week. Hunter has full control of the blog now. Until next time.