TBT: What A Scenery!

The great thing about fixing a broken phone is the retrieval of precious photos! (Thanks mom!) These beautiful pictures are from October 2013. Hunter had just turned 1 and I convinced Selton to play hooky so that we could spend the day hiking. When we hike, we usually end up in the same spot.. Kitchawan Preseve. We kind of know the trails like the back of our hands. We venture off trail most of the time because their trails do not lead us to the beautiful reservoir. It’s like a hidden gem. Rules and regulations require all dogs to be leashed at all times.. but whenever we go, we like to bend the rules a bit.. aka, Hunter is completely off-leash. It’s pretty quiet there and almost all of the other owners that we’ve encounter also tend to bend the rules. Hunter loves being off-leash on his hikes. Nothing to restrict him. The way he runs through the trees and shrubs.. you would think that he was a little human boy in Disney World for the first time. 

I remember this day clearly because it was the first day Hunter swam! Prior to this hike, the furthest Hunter ever went into the water was to his ankles at the dog park.. so yes, we were quite impressed that he made such big leap. We sat there and had lunch while we took turns throwing his tennis ball into the water. We threw it further and further, and watched him swim further and further into the deep end. Until next time!


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