Puppy blog #118: Congrats to Our Finest!

woof woof! Hunter here, blogging to entertain you humans as you roll in to work on a Monday morning all groggy and tired. On Saturday night, my parents went down to Maryland to support Uncle Delton and the rest of the NYPD Dragon Boat team in the World Police & Fire Games. Policemen and firefighters come from all around the world to compete in these games. It includes dragon boat (of course), softball, hockey, golf.. and a bunch of other sports. It sounds pretty awesome to me. Any other time, I would throw a fit for being left home alone, but not this time because it was to support Uncle D and our men and women on the force! Mommy said they did well! Yay! Congratulations!! To honor them for a job well done, I got all decked out in NYPD gear for this morning’s photo shoot. Luckily for me, Auntie Irene took Uncle D’s jacket back home last night so that’s what I’m wearing. By the way Uncle D.. I have all your patches that you left in the pocket. So if you want them, you’ll have to offer me a trade that I can’t resist.. perhaps.. a steak… or a whole chicken.

Head shot. How do I look?

Uncle D and papa! NYPD Dragon Boat @ World Police & Fire Games. Don’t they look awesome in their uniforms? Congratulations once again!

Hunter out.

Vitamins Anyone?

Hello friends! Every night before we turn in for bed, we make sure we take our vitamins. Selton and I take human vitamins, while Hunter takes doggy vitamins. I figured that if we were taking vitamins to keep us strong and healthy, then Hunter should take vitamins too. I’ll do anything to keep our boy healthy and strong so that he can live a long life.

  We ordered a generic brand from Petco, which as you can see has a GSD on the label.. so I was easily sold. I’m not completely sure how good these vitamins are.. but they were rated pretty well on the site. My ideology is any vitamin is better than no vitamin. He has been taking this for months. While Selton tells me that it’s all in my head, I noticed that his fur post-vitamins is healthier and softier.
Do you give your furry friends any vitamins or other supplements? If so, which ones? Any recommendations?  Hunter loves his vitamins. I’m pretty sure that it’s one of the best parts of his day.   Hunter was convinced that his pose was better than that of the GSD’s pose on the label. He wanted to model with the jug of vitamins to prove us wrong. I must admit.. the boy might be right. He does look better than the model on the label. Perhaps I should submit this picture to Petco. haha, just kidding!

Anyways, those who have been following our blog know that at one point in time, Hunter was going through the trash in the kitchen, which was no bueno! Initially, we listened to some of our friends and fellow bloggers and kept our trash can on the counter at night which helped because Hunter did not jump up onto the counter to get to the prize. But after doing it for some time, we had a discussion and decided that we didn’t want to put our dirty trash on our clean counter every night. So instead I got a makeshift lid for the trash. It has been effective in preventing our boy from going through the kitchen’s trash. However, Hunter goes through other trash cans too! Every so often, if the scent is right, he’d eat a dirty baby wipe that we’ve used to clean his paws with. We’d know because we would find little pieces of baby wipe all over the floors. But the boy has gotten smarter and smarter with every experience. I found out this morning, courtesy of his poop that he had helped himself to another baby wipe… (or two) when we left him alone. This time, he didn’t leave any evidence. Not even a single shred so we had no way of knowing what he did when we were gone. I hope Hunter finds his way onto today’s blog.. so that he knows that I know what he did last night. I’m watching you boy! Until next time.

Hose Down

Good morning friends. Hunter is home alone today because Selton and I both have work. I’m sure the brat doesn’t mind. We left the air conditioner on for him. What a life! We don’t have a central air system in our apartment, but we do have two wall units. Going into the summer, we decided that any time the weather is warmer than 80 degrees, we would leave one of the units on for him. Don’t judge me. I’m a human. Even I wouldn’t want to be left in a hot apartment for hours. I do for him what I would do for myself. Do you guys leave your units on for your furry friends?

I didn’t have work yesterday. Thank goodness because according to friends and family, it was terrible outside. It was super hot, muggy and humid! Ah-ha! The perfect reason to play with water. Hunter normally loves the water. He loves swimming and jumping in. However, when it comes to his swimming pool, it’s a different story. He wants nothing to do with the pool. I actually think he hates it. Probably because the pool doubles as a bathtub in the summer months.. and he hates his baths. I also hypothesize that it’s because he’s slightly claustrophobic.

This is what happens whenever I tell the boy to sit in his pool. Though he still has room, he always end up sitting like this.     Enough of the pool business. He wasn’t staying in it.. and it was HOT out. I decided this was a more efficient method to cooling him down. Judging by the pictures, he didn’t mind.     My dorky, wet pup.  By the look of the smile on his face, I think it’s safe to say that he’s looking forward to the next hose down.

It’s another warm one today. Stay cool friends! Until next time.