Hose Down

Good morning friends. Hunter is home alone today because Selton and I both have work. I’m sure the brat doesn’t mind. We left the air conditioner on for him. What a life! We don’t have a central air system in our apartment, but we do have two wall units. Going into the summer, we decided that any time the weather is warmer than 80 degrees, we would leave one of the units on for him. Don’t judge me. I’m a human. Even I wouldn’t want to be left in a hot apartment for hours. I do for him what I would do for myself. Do you guys leave your units on for your furry friends?

I didn’t have work yesterday. Thank goodness because according to friends and family, it was terrible outside. It was super hot, muggy and humid! Ah-ha! The perfect reason to play with water. Hunter normally loves the water. He loves swimming and jumping in. However, when it comes to his swimming pool, it’s a different story. He wants nothing to do with the pool. I actually think he hates it. Probably because the pool doubles as a bathtub in the summer months.. and he hates his baths. I also hypothesize that it’s because he’s slightly claustrophobic.

This is what happens whenever I tell the boy to sit in his pool. Though he still has room, he always end up sitting like this.     Enough of the pool business. He wasn’t staying in it.. and it was HOT out. I decided this was a more efficient method to cooling him down. Judging by the pictures, he didn’t mind.     My dorky, wet pup.  By the look of the smile on his face, I think it’s safe to say that he’s looking forward to the next hose down.

It’s another warm one today. Stay cool friends! Until next time.


6 thoughts on “Hose Down

  1. colinandray says:

    Our Ray is the same with the pool! When asked to sit he just lowers is rear ……….. but it doesn’t get wet! We’ll have see if he expresses any interest in the lawn sprinkler and/or the hose. 🙂

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  2. Saving Sammie says:

    Sammie hates being sprayed! Hoses, squirt bottles, rain – doesn’t matter. It’s all awful to her! However, she LOVES big pools/bowls like what you have. They have some at the local dog park and she will bite at the water and splash and just has a great time with it.

    As to your question – we have central air, but I still leave the bedroom fan on for Sammie throughout the day. She’s so spoiled!

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  3. noodle4president says:

    No, no, no, no. I REFUSE to go anywhere near the hose. That thing is possessed and I just do NOT like it. Nope. Not even one bit. And the pool? Forget it! Unless I’m drinking it out of a bowl, I want NOTHING to do with water. Now, A/C – A/C and I have a great relationship. My Mom leaves it on the same temperature she would if she were in the house.

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    • Daisy C Chan says:

      Woof! Noodle my friend, you’re right! It took me a while to trust the hose.. And even now it still manages to squirt me in the eyes! Terrible I know! Good thing our mommies are awesome and think alike. I can’t deal with the heat! Hunter

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