Puppy blog #125: Friday!

woof woof! Hunter here! It’s Friday, it’s Friday!!!! I know you humans are always excited for the weekend. For some of you, Fridays usually mean a shorter day, courtesy of your nice bosses who believe in “Summer Fridays.” It’s the official day that cues the start of the weekend. The day before the summery BBQs.. mmmm, BBQs... visits to the beach (which is still on my bucket list), long nights out.. or if you’re anything like my parents, relaxing nights at home with their favorite dog (ME!). I like the weekends because I get to the spend the most time with my parents on these two days.. well actually, to be honest.. I’m just happy I get to spend time with papa. I see my mommy way too often.. not that it’s a problem.. (if you’re reading this mommy, I love you both equally! Promise!)  Our walks are longer and so are my belly rubs! Can’t complain!

This is my overly excited dance around my house!
 And now I’ve tired myself out! Time for my nap!

Enjoy your weekend!! Hunter out!


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