Puppy blog #130: Lazy Song

woof woof! Hunter here. Today I don’t feel like doing anything. I just wanna lay in my bed.. ahh, that Bruno Mars man.. such a great dude. I feel like he writes songs about me! This is what mommy and I have been doing all morning.. all week actually. Won’t complain because mommy’s finally home. Woofhoo! Happy Friday y’all!

 Hunter out!

Reflections After Worlds

Greeting friends! It’s been a while since my last post. I also noticed that Hunter hasn’t blogged since my last entry. That’s partially my fault. I forgot to charge the laptop for him before I left and that dork didn’t know how to plug it in. Anyways, I’ve been home for a few days now. I’m still processing. It was really rough the first day after I came home. I mean.. I was finally home, but I woke up sad. If someone had warned me that the withdrawal from Worlds would’ve been as hard as it has been for me, I would’ve mentally prepared myself better. This entire process took almost 14 months and in a matter of a week, it was over. And it just so happened that my last day of racing marked exactly one year since I time trialed in Arizona so it really hit me hard. I won’t lie. I cried like an infant as I sat there in the grandstands looking at the race course for the last time. (I’m a very emotional person!) Who knew that the girl who often doubted herself would return home a world champion? In my first Worlds, I came home with 1 Gold and 3 Silvers on the most decorated Premier Women’s team ever!

Proudly singing to our anthem.
Big smiles after winning Gold on the first day of racing!

Day 1 selfie with the roommate, Alice. I wouldn’t have gotten through the week without you. Thank you for making my first worlds amazing.
  Battling it out with the selfie sticks on our way up to the podium for our Silvers.   In case you didn’t know what dragon boat was.
  Team USA Premier Women’s selfie game was serious!   Congratulations!
 I came home to some sloppy kisses from the boy!

This was my first Worlds but it surely will not be my last. After my first taste, it’s safe to say that I am hungry for more. It was an absolute honor to paddle on a boat filled with strong and like-minded athletes from all over our country. I’m determined to return back in 2 years better! I will be stronger and faster! Let’s get it together! #TWD2017, we ready.

As always, this journey would not have been possible without the support of my family and friends. Thanks FamBam<3. Thank you Selton<3 for your unconditional love and support throughout the years. Thank you Randy Ng, who taught me everything I know. Thank you Bonnie Chan, who back in 2010 decided to train me to up my game. I haven’t looked back since and you are the reason for that. Thank you DCH Racing for setting the foundations of working hard and making me a better athlete. I know about the cheer squad group chat and I’m forever grateful for all the pre-race messages and positive vibes that I received every morning during Worlds. Many thanks to my roommate Alice for spoiling me and for making this experience an unforgettable one. Cheers to many more together! Thank you Premier Women for all the laughs, memories and van dance parties. BLACK EYE! Thank you Coach Hype for your vision, for putting all the puzzle pieces together and for believing and trusting me to get crap done.  And as always, thank you Tim Woo. I hope I made you proud. Until next time.

Greetings From Worlds!

Hello friends!! Greetings from Welland, Ontario, Canada! 🇨🇦 Our competition starts tomorrow so this is probably the only time I’ll have to give you guys a small glimpse of my first Worlds experience! 

  Hunter and I took this selfie before I left early morning. He was cranky.. Guess I would be too if someone woke me up at 3AM for a selfie.   My roommate, teammate and 姐姐 (big sister) Alice prepared an awesome series of presents to celebrate my first worlds. A butt pad to save my butt, a bag of red and purple skittles, and a pic of my boy! A little bit of home!  Thanks Alice!!! 😘My very patriotic socks! They were a hit at last night’s opening ceremony.  2015 Premier Women. PC: Christianne

That’s all for now! Until next time.