Guilty As Charged!

Hello friends! Looks like the resident mouse living in our home isn’t the brightest. We came home from dinner the other night and this was the scene in our bedroom. As mentioned recently Hunter has been making his way into our bedroom trash when we aren’t home. He has been eating the wet wipes that we wipe his dirty paws with. I covered the trash with plastic bags to deter him from going through it.. as you can see.. this technique failed.

Please disregard the messy bedroom and focus on the guilt on Hunter’s face.
  “I didn’t do it…” “As Jasper would say.. S.O.D (Some other doggy) did it! Totally wasn’t me”

Nice try Hunter. Don’t blame it on S.O.D, it was definitely you. Your poop the next morning sold you out! As of this week, there is now a lid over our bedroom trash. That’s that. End of discussion. Until next time.


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