Puppy blog #133: The Real Beneficiary

woof woof! Hunter here. Mommy went out to dinner last night with Uncle Randy, some teammates and their sponsors. According to mommy, it was a delicious dinner!! Sadly, no dogs allowed! Oh wells. It wasn’t a bad thing because she came home with a gigantic tray of leftover T-bones! It was all for me! *cue instant drooling* A win-win situation. Of course, mommy has read all the hazards associated with giving dogs bones like these so any time I get a treat like this, I am always closely supervised. Plus she usually takes the bone away once she sees that I’ve gnawed off the meat.

Can you believe that this is all for me! So spoiled! Mommy soaked it in water several times before giving me one. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t just eat them all being that the whole tray for me..
  Picking my bone for last night’s dinner. I picked the meatiest one!  I also made a mess in the kitchen which papa complained about but ultimately just stepped over while muttering “gross.” Mommy ended up cleaning up the floor after me. I love that you’re so helpful all the time papa.

I hope I get another bone tonight for dinner! Yum! Hunter out.

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