Lazy Halloween

Hello friends! Happy Halloween! The title “Lazy Halloween,” was appropriate being that we aren’t doing anything festive today. We didn’t buy the boy a Halloween costume. No worries though.. we borrowed his Auntie Tiffany’s costume to take pictures so that the boy still got to pose with his most miserable face on.

  I present to you.. Hunter the ninja dog/turtle!

Instead of participating in the treat-or-tricking this year, Hunter, Riley and I stayed home for a relaxing Saturday. We’ve had Riley since yesterday because my brother brought his dog Trigger up from Virginia on this visit. Trigger tested positive for heart worm so as a precaution, we are separated all the pups. Hunter and Riley aren’t complaining about this arrangement either. They’re loving every minute together. Last night both of them came along with us to a friend’s house. They were so well-behaved except for the occasional barking.

 Riley is basically attached to Hunter. Wherever Hunter is, she has to be. Whatever he’s doing, she has to be a step behind.
 Even if it means napping all day long! haha

Wishing everyone a safe and fun filled Halloween! Stay safe! Until next time.

Puppy blog #138: It Wasn’t Me

woof woof. Hunter here. For the a while now my mommy has openly complained about me. She’s been telling people how I’m such a mess and how I won’t clean up after myself. The fur thing I can’t really control. I can’t help that I have a double layer coat… and that I get itchy.. and that I lose fur when I’m scared. And while the apartment floor is usually covered with my toys.. I have to plea not guilty! You see… the truth is I’m not the one who has been leaving my toys out. It’s actually my evil twin brother, Hummus. He kind of looks and acts and smells like me. He even responds to my name! Way to frame me! It’s the truth.. ish.

  Let’s consider this. If I seriously made the mess, would I actually be hanging around the crime scene.. looking all innocent?
 Seriously.. it wasn’t me.

Hummus, errrrrm… I meant.. Hunter out!

Like Father, Like Son

Picture is pretty self-explanatory..If Selton is awake, Hunter will bring a toy to him in hopes that Selton will play with him. If Selton is asleep, Hunter will sleep besides him. Apparently I’m invisible and am incapable of playing with him! Thanks boy.

Keeping it super short today! Until next time.