Lazy Halloween

Hello friends! Happy Halloween! The title “Lazy Halloween,” was appropriate being that we aren’t doing anything festive today. We didn’t buy the boy a Halloween costume. No worries though.. we borrowed his Auntie Tiffany’s costume to take pictures so that the boy still got to pose with his most miserable face on.

  I present to you.. Hunter the ninja dog/turtle!

Instead of participating in the treat-or-tricking this year, Hunter, Riley and I stayed home for a relaxing Saturday. We’ve had Riley since yesterday because my brother brought his dog Trigger up from Virginia on this visit. Trigger tested positive for heart worm so as a precaution, we are separated all the pups. Hunter and Riley aren’t complaining about this arrangement either. They’re loving every minute together. Last night both of them came along with us to a friend’s house. They were so well-behaved except for the occasional barking.

 Riley is basically attached to Hunter. Wherever Hunter is, she has to be. Whatever he’s doing, she has to be a step behind.
 Even if it means napping all day long! haha

Wishing everyone a safe and fun filled Halloween! Stay safe! Until next time.


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