Puppy blog #142: Squirrel? Squirrel!!!

woof woof! Hunter here! Home with mommy again. She’s been enjoying her holiday break. I’m enjoying her holiday break too! Why? Plenty of one-on-one attention, duh. Plus, we’ve been walking over to grandma’s house in the afternoon so I get to play with Riley, the stinky brat while mommy cleans out her old room. Win-win situation all around!

Anywoofs, this morning mommy and I played with my squirrels that Auntie Connie got me. In total, I have 3! They’re teeny tiny but they’re quickly becoming some of my favorite things to play with at home. Even Riley has some at home.. though they’re not as whole as my squirrels are. The stinker likes to ripe her toys to shreds. Sometimes when she’s over.. she likes to ripe my toys to pieces.

 Ta-da!! Are you impressed?
 Cause clearly mommy was impressed enough to snap these pictures of my talented head.

Hunter out!

Nature Walk

..a week later. Hello friends! It’s been a while huh? It’s not that the boy and I forgot about the blog. That’s never the case! We’ve just been spending time enjoying each other’s company on my days off.. in simple terms.. we’ve been napping a lot. You know.. hibernating and building up our fat count to prepare for the winter chills. Anyways, Selton and I took Hunter on a nature walk last weekend. We always have to drive an hour or so out of the city just because we are so limited with the parks around us, but trust me.. the drive is worth it to see the silly boy run around like a lunatic. The weather was even nice enough to let him go in for a dip!

We always let him off leash whenever we hike. He’s a very considerate explorer. While he likes to run ahead of us, he often looks back to check up on us. Although our assumption is that he is considerate and waits for us.. he’s probably thinking more along the lines of, “Gosh darn it mommy and papa.. hurry up! Humans are so inefficient on two legs!”
  Dorky boy.. smile galore, running back towards us. We would never lose the boy because luckily for us.. his recall is very, very, very good.
  Swimming and playing fetch at the same time.   Easily one of the best weekends ever in his books? Probably.     The look of pure happiness on his face.
  Family silhouette.   This is was later on in our hike when we told Hunter that he couldn’t go into the water anymore. We had forgotten to bring a towel and needed for him to dry before our car ride home. Everytime Selton and I looked away, Hunter would inch closer and closer to the water. Unfortunately for our no-so-sneaky boy, we would catch him in the act and call him before he got too deep.
  Hunter was pretty set on staying here. He even found the perfect home for us. 
And apparently I didn’t mind his choice of our new home.
Like any other adventure, the boy passed out int he car. He slept the entire way home.

Until next time!

Puppy blog #141: Hunter Knows With His Big Ol’ Nose.

woof woof! Hunter here. The parents are at work again leaving me home alone with the laptop. What’s a boy to do with unlimited internet access and a computer? Whoa, get your heads out of the gutter!! Just kidding. Blogging is the most obvious choice here. The only choice actually. Anywoofs, Auntie Alice told me that one of my best features is my big nose. She’s not the first to tell me that. Mommy bops my nose all the time cause she woofs it so much. Auntie Nicole has mentioned it a few times too… so with that mind, I used mommy’s phone and computer to compile a bunch of pictures for today’s blog. Yup.. the big ol’ nose got its own feature. It’s pretty important to me since it helps me piece together my world but most importantly, it helps me sniff out where all the goodies are. I now present to you the “Nose Series.” Drum roll pleaseeeee!

 The nose post rubber ducky time aka bath time.  The wet nose in between frisbee throws.
  The “how can I help you?” nose.   The “I’m going to sleep with my teeth showing” nose.
  The “I can balance a treat on my nose” nose.
  The bedtime nose.   The balancing act nose.
 The “I’m not too impressed with you taking a gazillion pictures of me 24/7” nose.

Hope you all enjoyed today’s series of my big ol’ nose! Hunter out.