Puppy blog #139: Mommy Runs!

 woof woof! Hunter here. The TCS New York City Marathon was this past Sunday. It’s always fun to support the runners. The energy from the spectators and the runners is like no other! Last year we made signs and cheered on the runners. This year, it was different. I didn’t cheer for just anyone. There was someone special running in the crowd of 50,000+. Mommy ran! And so did Auntie Kathy, Uncle Hugh, Uncle Larry, Uncle Suchanh, Uncle Ezra, Uncle Johnny, Auntie Gloria, and Auntie Sas! So much fun! Great job to all the Aunties and Uncles who ran and finished. You humans are pretty ah-mazzzing.

Here’s one of the two signs papa made to support mommy and the rest of the runners.   My papa, grandparents, Riley the stinker, Auntie Connie and Uncle Christopher, Auntie Iris and I were all standing at the mile 2 mark waiting patiently for mommy.   Grandpa had so much fun with the sign, he accidentally let go of Riley’s leash!   Oh hi mommy, fancy seeing you here! Kisses after barking at her. Mommy had a strong first half of the marathon.. but then her body started to fatigue after mile 15. She walked parts of the course and ran whenever she could.   Uncle Allen snapped this picture of mommy around the mile 23 mark. Still smiling! Papa and his friends were tracking mommy on their phones and this was when mommy decided to put the pedal to the medal. She picked up her pace and booked it to the finish line in her attempt to finish the marathon in under 5 hours.   Here’s a picture of me posing with mommy’s post-race poncho and big shiny medal!

Mommy came home tired and sore. She was hobbling around our home and couldn’t even walk me that night or that following morning. She said the marathon was one of the hardest things she’s ever done and that she was lucky to have friends and family in the crowd. She said we motivated her to keep on running even when she felt like she couldn’t anymore. You’re welcome! As of today, she is doing much better. She’s walking normally and even said that she feels good enough for a short run! Good job mommy! Woof you! Hunter out.


6 thoughts on “Puppy blog #139: Mommy Runs!

  1. colinandray says:

    Hi Hunter: I’ve never seen a marathon, but my Dad has run a number of them. He says for me to tell you that your Mom needs to rest up one day for every mile raced (26 days), but resting up means nice easy runs….. not laying on the sofa! Woof! Ray. 🙂

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