Puppy blog #147: Three-Quarters Of The Way There!

..to becoming a centenarian that is. And no silly humans, not me! I’m still a young buck! Great-grandma on the other hand, not so much… though she’s convinced that she turned 18, again! Woof woof! Hunter here. Last night my parents and I walked over to grandma’s house to celebrate great-grandma’s birthday. While our humans feasted, Riley and I roamed around under the table hoping for scraps. Hit the jackpot with the older folks. They shared. 🙂

 Like our family photo?

Anywoofs, that’s all for today. Hunter out.

Puppy blog #146: Welcome Home Great Grandparents!

woof woof! Hunter here. We’ve waited patiently for their return for a what felt like an entire year. No, I’m not talking about Santa Paws and his reindeer (though I have been a good boy today, erm.. this month.. ermm… I meant this year). I’m talking about the old people of mommy’s clan, aka my great grandparents! They’ve been away on vacation for almost two full months. They finally came home this weekend. Riley the stinker was just as excited. Now she doesn’t have to be home alone all day while Auntie Connie and grandma are at work. Woofhoo! Boy ol’ boy am I glad to see them. Great grandpa was sick during his trip and lost a lot of weight… now that they’re back mommy and I are on a mission to fatten him back up. As for their first night back? We celebrated with a PIZZA party!

Luckily for us.. they missed us just as much as we missed them! Pizza crusts all around.

Yummy… our favorite!

Photobombed by Riley’s ears. Sheesh.. even her ears are bratty.

 Hunter out!