Snowstorm Jonas!

Morning friends! We’ve just received our first major snowstorm overnight and boy oh boy is Hunter one happy pup. Like a child at Disney World, he could hardly contain all his excitement. He pawed at our front door as I opened it as if he was saying, “Hurry up, hurry up, before it all melts!”

We played in the tennis courts where there was endless untouched snow for the boy to run around in.
  Then the boy dunked his face in the snow as if he were an ostrich. Silly boy.   There was a lot of snowball eating. We’re going to have to let him out on his walk early today.
  And a lot of jumping and prancing around. Selton bought Hunter the Protex PawZ booties to try this season being that his old ones ripped. Verdict? Let’s just say that we’re glad they came in a pack of 12. All four of his boots ripped today.

We haven’t found anything durable enough to handle Hunter’s big paws. Even his expensive set that had fleece lining and velcro got destroyed after a few walks during his first winter with us. Sigh. We’ll keep trying but if you have recommendations, let us know! Until next time.


4 thoughts on “Snowstorm Jonas!

  1. paws2smile says:

    Yeah, Storm has the same ones & she ripped right through them too. So I won’t be buying those again any time soon! 🙂 I also am looking for good boots so let me know if you find any and vice versa! I’m glad you are enjoying the snow!

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