Puppy blog #156: Great Grandpa

woof woof! Hunter here. Long time no see. Our lack of blogging also had to do with some sad news. My great grandpa passed away last weekend so mommy’s been sad about that. Great grandpa was a great human, sorta a cool cat who always remained calm. A man of few words, but a strong presence. I remember when I barked at him and grandma because they came to my house. While grandma freaked out, grandpa ignored my barking and told her to be quiet and blamed her because she was scaring me and causing me to bark. Whoops! I found a fitting quote online and wanted to share it with you all.

When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.”

Great grandpa.. because you were someone who was so deeply loved, I know that you will be the greatest treasure of all. I woof  you, always and furever. Please watch over us and guide us with your spirit and love. Hunter out.

Puppy blog #155: New Favorite

woof woof! Hunter here. Mommy’s home this week! After a stressful first week at her new job, she’s already on mid-winter recess. Ahh.. the perks of working as an educator! She’s a tad sick though so to make up for the shortened walks, she’s been buying my love and attention with treats.

  These Merrick venison holiday stew treats were on sale on Chewy.com so mommy bought a few. They’re absolutely delicious!     Even mommy sniffed it and said that it smelled good.
  YUM! Mommy laughs at me when I eat these treats because she says that I forget to chew. Oh wells.

I promise to behave when I’m home alone if you promise to reward my good behavior with my new favorite treat! Pretty, pretty please!!? Hunter out.