Puppy blog #158: Frankie and I

woof woof! Hunter here. Hi friends! It’s been a while since mommy and I blogged.  Since she started work a few weeks ago, she’s been feeling pretty guilty that she’s not home every hour, every minute, every second of the day with me.  It kinda bums me out too… you know.. the part where I have to wait ALL day at home, ALONE for my parents to come home.  So my solution?  Well I guilted her into getting me my own pet, to keep me busy.  Yes, I’m aware that Frankie is a rubber ducky.  It may seem silly to you guys but it’s not silly to me.  He’s been keeping me out of trouble, mostly because he reminds me not to go into the trash when my parents aren’t home.

He likes me too, mostly because he gets to ride on my nose when we’re out and about.
   We also nap together.
 He likes to rest on my nose when he doesn’t feel like napping.  I don’t mind. 🙂

Stay tune for more of our adventures!  Mommy, papa, myself and Frankie are all going camping next month! I’m sooooo excited!  I woof the great outdoors!  Hunter out.

Where’s Hunter!?

I spy with my little eyes.. a furry creature with four legs, two beady eyes, two big ears and one big ol’ nose.

   Do you see what I see?  Oh! Here you are!

We’ve been enjoying the warmer weather here in NYC with longer walks.  The 60’s and 70’s are the most enjoyable for us.  Not too cold and not too hot.  Until next time!