Puppy blog #159: Camping!

woof woof! Hunter here! It’s BEEN AGEEEEEES! I blame mommy.  Since she started her new job in February, she’s been bringing her laptop with her to work! She never taught me how to turn on the desktop computer at home! But luckily.. I was smart enough to figure it out.  It just took me.. what? Like three months? Better late than never!   Now I can finally share my camping pictures with you all!  We went three weekends ago.  I miss it already!  The next camping trip my parents have planned is all the way in August!  We’re going to Arcadia!

We left after papa came home from work.  I didn’t work… but I was pooped! 
The next morning, my parents took me hiking! 
I woof being wild and free! 
Tehehe.. of course I had to travel in style.  I’m from Brooklyn! What it look like?
Kisses for papa!  
My favorite part of the trip! 
We took a break.  It was the perfect opportunity to roll around … on top of a rock. 
Pooped after a full day! It got really really really cold at night.  Even I was cold!  Mommy shook the entire night.  She woke up miserable.  
Day 2! More hiking! 
And more swimming!
BEST WEEKEND EVERRR!It’s pretty fun living in a tent.  We should do this all year-round! 
This was papa packing up our tent.  He told me to help.  I had other plans. 
Bye bye tent.  I’ll see you again in August!

Hunter out!